Methods and Tools

With his innovative coaching, brainstorming as well as using various other methods, Benno van Aerssen has at his disposal around 50 different creativity techniques. Proven tools and methods of territory, metalogue and communication also help form part of his repertoire.



His own Methods

Here you will find all of the methods and tools that Benno van Aerssen has developed himself, including: FRIES, Innovationdigging, idea relief, Klondike ideas filter and the lateral Map

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The mobile Ideas Studio

Benno van Aerssen: ‘The mobile Idea studio is kind of a big “creative toy box” with well over 7,500 parts It is suitable for any creative work, brainstorming and creative meetings. The "Mobile studio” is an absolutely uncompromising
premium class product.’

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Creativity Techniques

His repertoire consists of more than 50 creative techniques. Firstly, they provide efficient support for brainstorming and secondly are used as an aid to quickly find possible solutions to a current challenges by generating many credible ideas.

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Corporate Innovation

Just like "corporate design" describes the visual appearance of a business, this term describes "Corporate Innovation" along with all the tools and measures that promote the innovation culture and the common understanding of the purpose for innovation.

Here you will see a selection.

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Training Tools

Here you can see another small selection of training tools that Benno van Aerssen uses throughout the innovation coaching. The focus ranging to e.g. Imagination, team creativity, intercultural creative skills, team communication, team synchronization.

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