Leadership training for strong innovation ability

Benno van Aerssen creates all seminars and workshops, insuring that the knowledge is always focused around the optimal transfer of learning. A safe, creative and educationally plausible knowledge sharing is a key success factor in innovation coaching.


Constantly changing conditions as well as growing demands from modern executives demand clearly structured processes and a high level of innovation in order to generate high-quality, sustainable and successful solutions.

The practical work in his training mediates the methodology and know-how to effectively promote your innovation ability, which can then be passed on to your team.

As a modern, innovative-thinking leader, guiding your team with this training will also lead the way into a sustainable culture of innovation.

Benno van Aerssen attends and inspires leaders
Benno van Aerssen attends and inspires leaders

Whoever consistently sees the future trends and wants to use these for themselves and their team, must look at the world and view their business models from unusual perspectives.

It is primarily these shifts in ones outlook that allow “structural holes” to be overcome, this has already been recognized by Burt (Toward a Structural Theory of Action, New York, 1982 und Structural Holes, Cambridge, 1992) as
the key to the search for creative ideas.

One of the most unique perspectives on the world is at hand in the form of special leadership training in the Viller Mill.

Increase the quality of your creative processes! Every innovation starts with an idea. Many ideas. Extraordinary ideas. But above all: ideas beyond the arbitrary- this must be clear to you as a leader.

Only really excellent ideas will exert your business, help you to develop new markets and to develop successful new products. The quality of an innovation process can be influenced from the very first second.

Excellent ideas are not a coincidence! They are formed by a combination of stable strategy and crazy creative processes. During training, you will learn the method FRIES and get to grips with the new strategic approach to
brainstorming. This training combines capable management skills and effective creative methods that have been developed specifically for the development of business models, products and market opportunities.

They offer a structured, pictorial and realistic approach to ensure an excellent idea. Additionally they train you to create the right strategic basis for the idea generation process, specifically aimed at looking for trends and inspirations, with hundreds of creative methods to choose from to develop the appropriate criteria for the evaluation of ideas.