Speaker for presentations and keynote speeches

Benno van Aerssen is also your keynote speaker on the topics of innovation, idea finding, innovation culture and innovation management. His talks are interactive and real infotainment.

Innovative, intriguing, entertaining, and practical - words that customers again and again use to describe keynote speeches given by Benno van Aerssen.

Benno van Aerssen is a naturally cheerful guy from the Lower Rhine Region of Germany who is always at eye-level with his audience and is clear and direct in what he says. The fun that he himself has on the stage during his talks on idea finding and innovation is simply catching.

His stages are ...

  • Customer events
  • Kick-off events
  • Management circles
  • Congresses
  • Employee events
  • Trade fairs
  • Strategy meetings
  • Internal workshops
  • and so on...

Current topics and titles for his presentations and keynotes

  • "Innovation culture as a success ingredient"
  • "From the comfort zone in the come-on zone"

  • " Process innovations - a love-hate relationship"

  • "Fear of creativity - Myth or bitter truth?"

  • "More innovation ability for greater sensual perception and a healthy work-life balance"

  • "Regional innovations - or what Schnitzel has to do with
    your online success"
  • "Innovation management in the personnel department
    or what the Ferrari success story can mean for your business
  • "Have courage to do something else -
    the road to success through differentiation"
  • "Curiosity - the raw material for your success"
  • "Do away with creativity myths - set the creative power of your team free"


From the congress stage to the fireside chat

All presentations and keynote speeches are always adapted to your own particular needs to ensure the greatest possible effect for your team.

His speeches are targeted at large groups as well as smaller events, fireside chats and Q&A rounds.

The interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and innovative talks concentrate on current topics within creativity, idea finding, innovation management and innovation culture. His talks give audiences new impulses and encourage the exchange of information and ideas.

Benno van Aerssen ist Sprecher bei Speakers Excellence
Benno van Aerssen ist Sprecher bei Speakers Excellence
Impulsvorträge die begeistern
Impulsvorträge die begeistern
Impulsvorträge mit Aha-Effekt
Impulsvorträge mit Aha-Effekt
Impulsvorträge mit Aha-Effekt
Impulsvorträge mit Aha-Effekt
Sein Storytelling fesselt die Zuhörer
Sein Storytelling fesselt die Zuhörer
Bei Benno van Aerssen lernt auch das Publikum vom Publikum
Bei Benno van Aerssen lernt auch das Publikum vom Publikum

Images which are remembered

Customers appreciate his fascinating storytelling and pictorial language in trainings, presentations and keynote speeches.

In particular on the topics of idea finding and innovation culture, as well as in other fields, pictures and "aha"moments are important in presentations, so that an impulse talk actually provides listeners with sustainable impulses.

In his presentations and speeches you will only find memorable pictures with just a small amount of text.

In his speeches you will experience, amongst other things ....

  • ... what apple cores have to do with your market success

  • ... why pseudo innovations and improvements endanger your existence

  • ... Why "crow-ativity"  is a poor skill for managers

  • ... that every idea has a twin

  • ... that clarity allows innovation power

  • ... that there is not only just one good idea

  • ... and many more amazing things


Know-how that can be used right away

A further benefit of his presentations and keynote speeches and one which demonstrates their quality is that the know-how on idea finding, innovation management and innovation culture can be used right away on the job.

In his talks, Benno van Aerssen systematically moves between the meta-level, the strategic level and the operational level.

Through his didactic competence, participants are able to therefore recognize the interrelationships between these three levels.

No-one need no longer ask "what can I actually use tomorrow back at work?" - Many tips and techniques in his presentations and speeches can be used right away.